Eyelash Lift and Tint at Blink Brow Bar Vancouver

Effortless and flawless addition to your daily beauty routine.

For the true natural beauty fans at Blink Brow Bar we have our professional Eyelash Lift and Tint that will save you lots of time and will give your lashes fresh and stunning look.


What is an eyelash lift?

It is a professional enhancement to your natural eyelash curve using a perming solution that helps to elevate your lashes from the root. The result is an open and mesmerizing sight without the need for false lashes.


What is an eyelash tint?

Our experienced team will take care of your daily beauty routine by eliminating the need to spend time applying extra mascara every morning. Vegetable-based dye will intensify your natural color giving your lashes that perfectly defined saturated effect.

The team of experts at Blink Brow will take care of your eyelashes while you take time to relax and fantasize of where to spend extra minutes saved. With a variety of shades available we can accommodate anyone from blonde to dark hair. Tinting with its boosting of natural lash color is especially popular among the people with fair hair.

Lash Lift


40 Min

Lash Tint


20 Min

Lash Lift & Tint


1 Hour

Treat your eyelashes to a tint or lift procedure or choose both in our special package.


Eyelash lift and tint services does not only make your lashes look flawless but also:

  • Saves time from doing make-up when you can snooze in bed for another 15 minutes
  • Substitutes for false lashes and extra make-up to achieve that stunning definition
  • Ensures lashes greater longevity and lower maintenance


Why Blink Brow Bar is the best choice for Eyelash lift and tint?

  • We use only cotton pads for protection
  • We provide extra care and comfort before the procedure
  • We have shades to match your personal palette when performing tinting
  • We deliver long-lasting results with our expert hands

Owner Kiran is dedicated to offering only the best services to her clients. Kiran’s expertise and honed skills have helped develop a signature style of brow artistry, raising the bar since 1997. Moreover, every in-house specialist is well-trained and have over 5 years of threading experience in Canada.

Blink Brow Bar is happy to offer you a variety of other services: