Guys and Brows: What Men Should Know About Eyebrow Threading



All right, Vancouver fellas! It’s time you discover the difference Blink Brow Bar can make for your eyebrows.


Sure, some guys like comedian and actor Eugene Levy embrace their bushy brows. We get that. It can be a statement and hey, for Eugene it works!


Certainly most older men find that their brows (and, erm, ear hair) get a little wilder as they age. We can help with that. But younger men, you might want to consider a little eyebrow grooming, too.


The wildly untamed brows of some actors have been a cause for social media consternation. Case in point: Actor Justin Theroux was the subject of an open letter urging him to consider grooming his “weirdly arched man brows.” [Ouch! Someone needs to watch Bambi again for a reminder if you don’t have something nice to say…don’t say anything at all!]


Now, we would hate for any men in the Lower Mainland to be publicly shamed for big bushy brows or a unibrow like Bert on Sesame Street. Happily, our Vancouver eyebrow threading studio can quickly tame and shape any man brow! We know how to help you achieve a handsome, masculine brow tailored to your features.


Below, from the National Post: “Ricky Manchanda has his eyebrows threaded in a scene from the Morgan Spurlock film Mansome“.

Eyebrow Threading for Men


Here’s what you Greater Vancouver area guys need to know:


Eyebrow threading is relatively painless. Our Blink Brow Bar Vancouver eyebrow threading specialistsare highly skilled and will carefully assess your brows so they are a flattering shape for your features. Plus, trust us, it’s better than using tweezers!


Threading is a 6,000-year-old technique. We remove one hair at a time so you don’t have to worry that we’ll make a mistake and leave you with too-thin eyebrows or no eyebrows. In fact, during the consultation process we draw on the suggested shape in white pencil so you will see how it will look even before we start.


It’s fast. You can quickly pop by our conveniently located Cole Harbour location when it works for your schedule. We’ll give you a cup of our signature freshly made Chai tea to enjoy and before you know you’ll be ready to face the world with well-groomed eyebrows.


All we do is threading and waxing. We know some guys are hesitant to head into a salon or spa. At Blink Brow Bar we focus on brows. Our space is clean and bright and we promise you won’t feel out of place if you drop in.


We’re considered among the city’s best brow bars. Again this year we were included in the Westender.com 2015 Best of the City Top Three for Brow Bars in Vancouver. Come and find out why!


You’ll leave looking and feeling better. Not only will we define the best natural shape for your eyebrows and give you a soothing cup of delicious tea, before you leave we’ll give you an energizing hand massage. And single fellas, who knows, maybe you’ll meet one of the nice #BlinkBeauties who come here? (Hmm. We need a hashtag for our male #BlinkBrowBar patrons.)


You’ll also leave looking younger! As per the Financial Times in 2014: “A tamed brow is a good anti-ageing trick too. ‘Hair absorbs light and that can create shadows around the eyes, which makes it look as though you have dark circles or heavier lids. This lifts that,’ says Singh.”


You won’t be the only guy doing it. More and more men are jumping on the eyebrow threading train. Even back in 2013, Esquire suggested threading for men as the top solution for taming brows in “Eyebrows: A User’s Manual” – “Waxing is for cars, not brows,” says Ramy, a celebrity eyebrow stylist…Threading, or having cotton strings twisted into lassos that pop small groups of hair out of your face? Go for it. Especially if you have sensitive skin. It gives natural-looking brows.”


Here’s a great shot from the Ted Baker Blog of a handsome bearded Londoner having his eyebrows threaded as part of Ted’s Grooming Room’s full service package:

Eyebrow threading for men.


Popular Manhattan threading studio, Thread Salon, says this about services for men: “Can men be threaded too? Yes! In fact, we encourage eyebrow threading for men because it maintains the natural look of a man’s eyebrow, without appearing overdone or even done at all. Whether you want to separate a unibrow or thin out bushy brows, threading will give you a clean brow line that’s perfect for your next date, headshot or important interview.”


More? This 2013 post from Styleite advised of a “Trend Alert” — “US Soldiers Are Really Into Eyebrow Threading: Some of them do it to make certain their foreheads are just as presentable as the rest of their tightly regulated uniforms, but others get their brows groomed because they like the aesthetics.”


So, business men, movie stars, and soldiers have all given it a try. Now it’s your turn!


Call Blink Brow Bar to make an appointment or book your time online. Our Vancouver eyebrow threading shop is open daily at 577 Bute Street with eyebrow threading services starting at $21; eyebrow or eyelash tinting from $19; and body waxing from $17.