The Benefits of Threading Versus Tweezing Your Brows

The girls at Blink Brow Bar Vancouver have been boasting about the benefits of threading your brows for a long time and now one of our favourite Brow-Darlings, Lauren Conrad, is backing Blink’s advice.

In a recent post on her blog, Conrad details some of the benefits of threading your brows versus tweezing or waxing your brows.

1. It’s great for sensitive skin

Threading has been known to be more gentle than other forms of eyebrow shaping because it requires minimal contact with the skin. When you thread you also don’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals going on your face, phew!

2. It allows a detailed definition of the brow shape

Threading catches those tricky individual hairs which creates a more natural finished broow. The threading motion allows better control over hair removal areas and results in the perfect brow with a tailored arch.

3. It works fast and lasts longer

Threading is done much faster than tweezing or plucking. Our skilled technicians move swiftly to remove that line of unwanted hair to amp up your brow shape. The shape of your threaded brows also tends to last longer so you can be brow beautiful well into the next week.




All of these and more are just some of the benefits of threading your brows versus tweezing or waxing your brows. 


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