Waxing or eyebrow threading downtown Vancouver – Which do you choose?

To wax or the thread. That is the question.
Do you prefer waxing or eyebrow threading, downtown Vancouver? Making the choice doesn’t have to be hard! We offer both hair removal services (and more!), so you can try either one. Some people prefer waxing, as it is a more commonly used method in North America, but many are turning the leaf to eyebrow threading downtown Vancouver – and are never turning back!

Threading is a hair removal method that uses thread to twist around each hair to be removed, and pulls it completely from the follicle. We do this quickly and with expert care, so the treatment is virtually painless and offers precise results, giving you beautiful and perfectly shaped brows.

Waxing is another form of hair removal using warm or cold wax that adheres to the hairs to be removed, and then uses a strip of cloth to remove the wax and the hair attached to it.

Reasons people often choose threading over waxing.

  • The products used in waxing can sometimes react adversely to skin, in some cases causing irritation and redness. Since threading requires no products but the thread, it is less likely that the skin can become inflamed.
  • Threading does not lift, tear, or over exfoliate the skin – something that can happen with waxing.
  • Eyebrow threading is a safer hair removal alternative for people using medications such as Accutane, Differin, Retin-A, etc – all medications that make the skin sensitive.
  • Most of our guests believe that threading is a more precise form of hair removal, and can achieve a better shape.

Reasons people choose to stick with waxing:

  • Because threading takes a little bit more precision and care, the treatment can take longer than waxing.
  • When threading, the hairs are removed gradually rather than all at once with waxing. For this reason, some guests feel that threading can be slightly more uncomfortable during the service.
  • Many people report watery eyes when tweezing their brows, and sometimes threading can give the same sensation.

Generally speaking, we believe that threading provides more precise control when shaping eyebrows and is more gentle on the skin, so we encourage everyone to try eyebrow threading downtown Vancouver with us!